• Beef Heart Stew 3 lb Beef heart 6 tb Flour 1 ts Cumin; ground Salt Pepper Oil 3/4 c Dry red wine; or less 1 1/2 c Water 2 md Onions; chopped 2 Celery stalks; chopped 4 Carrots; clean, slice 2 lg Potatoes; large cubes 1 md Turnip; cubed 1 pk Lima beans; frozen 3 Beef bouillon cubes; or 2 ts beef base 1 1/2 ts Instant coffee granules Dijon mustard Pepper Tabasco A mature beef heart can weigh up to six pounds. If too large, freeze half of the prepared heart. Insert knife in cavity and cut into two halves. Cut off internal cords and loose tissue. Remove fat and large blood vessels. Cut heart muscle into 3/4" cubes. If heart seems to be tough, drop cubes into large Ziploc bag and add 2 tb vinegar and 1 tb salt, expel most of air, seal bag and place in refrigerator for two hours. Rinse several times with cold water, drain and dry cubes. Add flour, salt, pepper and cumin to plastic bag and drop in meat cubes. Shake vigorously to coat meat. Shake off excess flour and sauté meat in moderately hot skillet. Do not crowd meat or you will end up boiling it. Place browned pieces in slow cooker. Add wine to warm skillet to deglaze, add to slow cooker. Add water. Sauté onions and celery and add to slow cooker. Add carrots, potatoes, turnip, beans, beef base, coffee granules, mustard and Tabasco to slow cooker. Cover and cook on high for 4 hours or 6 hours on low. Stir with spatula several times while cooking. If needed, thicken liquid with beurre manie.
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