• H is short for Heroin. It's about the drug. How it's affected his life maybe. Goes from taking over his life to maybe saying somthing like he doesn't mind the pain for the openess and how it protects him from his feelings. He feels a little regret, but oh well, Ya know?. That I'm not too sure about, but Listen to the lyrics. If you hear something about a snake, it's more than likely that. "I am too, connected to you." It's addictive. "Turning my piss to wine." Hallucination and all that good junk. This is my thoughts on it. "Totally void of hate" Heroin opens up your mind, puts you in a zombie state. "My blood begs me to open up my heart again." Heroin takes over completely, thinking with your mind, Not your heart, or feelings. So whatever is his driving force wants to hear his feelings or express them.
  • H. On the cd aenima theres a lot of songs with connections to carlos castenedas writing. He trained under a shaman/sorcerer.ect named Don Jaun who taught him how to become a holy crow when he smoked mushrooms. Anyways he does this drug called dakura, it makes you dream well your awake. It also gives your forsight if your sow a lizards mouth ask it a question then send it off to go find out the answer. You then sow another lizards eyes up and rub dakura paste on your temples, and also on the lizards back. On carlos's first trip he watches a scene about a girl he refers to as H. The lizard on his back wich he cant see narates the scene to him. Its suppose to be kinda of a reflection of whats really happening to the person you ask the question about(or anything you ask about). Being a lizard/snake reptile, it hisses in to his ear. Anyways dakura plants are suppose to eventually destroy a man, they take over a man by making him lust for power. If you read the book it would make much more sense, i believe this is maynards take on dakura trips. Id call myself crazy if there wernt already grim connections between third eye and carlos's books. I dont feel like explaining how every line connects with things your come to find studing in shamanic fashion. This is my own take on what the songs suppose to be, if anyone else has read the books and can do a better job please try i dont believe everything i said is perfect.
  • 'H' is the middle name of his son.
  • Hell, another stupid question.
  • (H) means "Cool dude emoticon (MSN)"

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