• standards - in my point of view - are taken to mean a level of something - i.e a standard of hygiene - is kept to a certain level. standards are not rules, more guidelines. protocol is something that has to happen within a company - i.e. an airport has a protocal that no-one can fly without a passport as they are rules - this isn't negotiable - as standards are, and protocol is normally within a buisness whereas standards can be for an individual, and/or a company. i dont know if this helps!
  • A standard is what everyone agrees on. Like there are standards for connectors(RJ-45, RJ-11, LC, ST, SC). Also how different companies have to conform to the standards so the products they make will work with other companies. It prevents us having to be locked in to one persons hardware. - Protocols are more agreements on different ways to communicate or use the hardware. Its a standard or rule but rules can change as new ideas develop and work better.
  • A protocol is a series of prescribed steps to be taken, usually in order to allow for the coordinated action of multiple parties. In the world of computers, protocols are used to allow different computers and/or software applications to work and communicate with one another. Because computer protocols are usually formalized, many people consider protocols to be standards. However, such is not actually the case. Standards are simply agreed-upon models for comparison, such as the meter and the gram. In the world of computers, standards are often used to define syntactic or other rule sets, and occasionally protocols, that are used as a basis for comparison. Some good examples include ANSI SQL, used to compare derivations of the SQL database query language, and ANSI C, used to compare derivations of the C programming language.

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