• The main idea of the song is that despite bad things that people do to each other, people are inherently good. So, by the "fear is a friend who's misunderstood" line, I think he means that sometimes people do mean things to other people out of fear, but it doesn't mean they're bad people.
  • I have never heard this song, but on face value, I'll give you my interpretation. I think the word fear could be replaced by other words like guilt or pain. Most people try to run from, or hide from these emotions. I believe that these things are given to us as a tool to use. Most people fear "fear" when if used properly, it keeps you safe. Just like guilt lets you know when you have created an injustice and pain tells us to get our hand off the hot stove. They are our friends... use them!!
  • People may think that in all cases if we are afraid of something, our fear is telling us to run. But fear is a friend who is misunderstood (sometimes? most of the time? always?). In my opinion, our fear wants us to do something in order to make us stronger.
  • I have never heard that before, but that's a d@mn good quote. I think it means that if we fear something, then that means that instead of avoiding the issue, we should examine why we're afraid and determine how we should deal with that fear. Fear can be a warning that we're in danger of some sort, and that we need to take action.
  • or maybe it's just a line that sounds good ... rock poetry ... maybe it means whatever you think it means ...

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