• Talk to him about it. If you feel like your relationship is lacking true, romantic love, then chances are you're probably right! It might not be that he doesn't love you anymore, maybe the spark is just dying out. Talk to him and see if you guys can find a way to reconnect and bring that spark back.
  • Apparently you are aware of red flags. Trust your gut feelings. Talk to your husband and if that does not work get counseling. If he will not go to marriage counseling...get counseling for yourself. Life is short..don't you want to live your life happy and know you are loved? What is important to you? Staying in a marriage for the kids is very wrong. It is very unfair to the children. They know and feel what is going on in the home. They need peace in their lives and a home that they feel secure. Good luck!
  • hello my husband tells me he loves me but i think he is just with me because of the kids .he has called me so many names that there is no way i really beleive that he really loves me.he says he can i tell i been married for 22 years and i have 9 children with him i also knows he has cheated on me.

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