• Hell yes...I would spend money on my Pet if i needed to. But if the vet felt it would be better asleep (if its too sick) then i will do that because i dont want the pet to suffer. but yes i will spend whatever it takes to keep my baby alive even if she dies
  • if the vet say it will die,then i would let it go and take the money and buy another.
  • Depends on what the quality of life would be after the procedure, and how old the pet is. Right now my boy kitty is very young, so probably yes, but when they told me my 18 year old cat had cancer, I let her die a peaceful death at home.
  • Depends on how much and what quality of life might be the outcome. We have spent hundreds and even into 4 digits on some animals. But it has depended on what the animal could get out of it and whether we could afford it reasonably without hurting the rest of the family.
  • Depends, is he in pain? If so than I would have him put down.
  • Without the slightest hesitation.
  • If it could still have a good life afterwards, then I would do everything I could for it. My current dog is my sidekick! I owe her that much! PET LOVERS!! just a little side note: open a bank account specifically for your pet, then every paycheque deposit $30 or whatever you can afford... but set a regular amount and just do it. ten paycheques later, you already have $300 for his medical needs! Anyway, if you do this, if you have any nasty surprise vet bills, that money is there FOR YOUR ANIMAL, and you're not attached to the money so you won't have to budget so much for it or feel like it's such a huge financial burden.
  • I'm such a sucker for that lol... I'd invest probably more in my puppy than myself for those kinda things :)
  • Spock says if cost of repair exceeds replacement value after repair, then dispose of the car. I've got a 14yr golden and I figure her blue book at 2 grand ($2000 US). Don't show this to my kids. We all love her. :(
  • It depends on what's making my pet sick. My mother-in-law's dog ate some chicken bones and shortly thereafter started vomiting blood and had blood in his stool. She spent thousands of dollars to get him many painful surgeries; he spent weeks in the hospital around strangers who poked and prodded him all day when he was already in immense pain. He also had a problem with his hips and a slipped disc that makes it virtually impossible to walk. Yet, still, my MIL held out hope and sent him to live with her ex in Texas to go to a research institute there...considering how poor his quality of life must be after his ordeal, not to mention the trauma from the ordeal itself, I probably would have saved his dignity and saved him from a lot of pain and discomfort and had him put down. For me, it has very little to do with the money. I'm all about my pet's quality of life, comfort, and happiness. If money can save my pet and keep him happy and healthy for many years to come, yes, I'll spend it. If it will only delay the inevitable without improving his quality of life (i.e. keeping a dog who is half paralyzed after a stroke alive but not fixing his paralysis), then I'd rather save the animal a lot of discomfort and indignity and put him out of his misery in the most humane way possible. I love my doggies though, and they're both so young, I certainly hope nothing happens to them to put me in a position of having to choose any time soon. If I was put in the position of either putting one of my dogs down or spending thousands of dollars to MAYBE make him better...I can't say for sure what I'd do. I know my thoughts in theory, but in practice my thinking could change... Sorry that was really long winded :)
  • We spent over $500 on our dog to have him treated over a span of several days, but he died anyway. You can buy health insurance for your pet now, that saves lots of money.
  • my 2 babies I have had for 15 years and I love them to bits and I would never ..never..never see them in pain and so long as their quality of life was good and free of pain I would spend what ever I had to and more ...BUT if they were in anyway going to be in pain or have no life I wouldn't put them throught it for a minute even though my heart would break
  • I was born and raised in a third-world country, where poor people don't even have 1/100 th of the quality of healthcare pets get here in the USA. Spending thousands of dollars on a pet is disturbing to me. I already spent close to $1000 on my cat but next time she get really sick..either long sleep or let nature its route. No! pets are not family members. Most of you probably have no trouble eating animals raised in horrible conditions but when it comes to pets..
  • I think it all depends on how much money you have to put into it with out wrecking your life. Good question tho. I just spent about five thousand on my dog to fix his broken leg. It was worth it to me; and yes I am still paying it.
  • i had four guinea pigs that got really sick but i didnt have enough money to pay for the vet bills or even to have them put down so i let them die in peace. if i could have i would have helped.

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