• I've always had built-in ice makers since I was a child. I've never known one to ever fail. They are not complicated devices at all. Water fills in the ice cube tray, then freezes. Once frozen, there is a little motor that turns a plastic arm to dump the ice into the bucket and the process repeats. For my family, the convenience far outweighs the risk of having to replace the little motor some day.
  • My answer is just the opposite, from the other. we have had nothing but a bad experience, with built-in icemakers. our refrigerators have all been brand names and new. water leaks, water freezing in the automatic tray release, and water continuely running have been but a few of the problems. when automatic icemakers work, they work great. when they don't work, its aggravating. going to the tray and finding no ice, when you really want it for a drink, made my wife and i disconnect it altogether. we went to goodwill and bought four old standard ice trays, for a dollar. at least now, the ice is there and ready when we want it.
  • My icemaker Only seems to make ice after we fill it with a bag of ice from Sams club. Then once it gets low it slows down and then only makes enough for a cup or two. So basically my answer is if you buy one with an icemaker be prepared to fill it regularly.
  • Have seen a lot of problems with them. Leaking inside, failing to work, non stop ice making that doesn't shut off, and then it all freezes up when no more ice can get out, and the water line to the ice maker freezing up seems pretty common. The repair guy moves out the refrigerator takes off the back or insides wherever he can access the water line and uses a hair dryer to unfreeze the line. Some times I even remove them in older models and shut off the water supply to the ice maker... ...end of problems. Don't know about the really new ones. GE stuff requires a lot of repair guys to keep it working good. Save some $, use ice trays.

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