• Ecstasy. . .
  • Yep, ecstasy. Could be worse, at least. Provided it's pure, and not mixed with meth or something, it's actually fairly safe. See if you can find it on
  • yes 'Cantras' is right, ecstasy is quite safe so be thankful he's not snorting coke or smoking P.
  • It does sound like ecstacy. Of course, as a parent you should be concerned with any drug usage of your child. Ecstasy is chemically very close to crystal meth. Deaths associated with XTC are generally due to hyponytremia (dilution of the blood that can cause brain swelling), water intoxication, or dehydration. It will increase the body's temperature, causing a person to sweat more than usual. XTC will increase a person's heart rate and blood pressure. Hyperthermia is the next acute risk. (People have died due to the temperature in their body rising too high, and their internal organs "shut down.") Third in line is the risk of overdose. Recreational dosing is usually far below the lethal dose, but it is a considerable concern. Some prescription drugs intensify it in the bloodstream. Although the outsome is controversial, some studies have suggested a link between XTC and dependency, and others have shown that persons who have used XTC have an increased risk for depression. I suggest you talk to you son. No street drug is "safe," especially because the content can not be guaranteed.
  • There is a website that has photos of over 200 types of ecstasy pills. See if it matches up to one
  • Those are definitely ecstasy pills. If he has a bag of them, Then there's an incredibly good chance that he's selling them. This is a SERIOUS problem. Were he to be caught with them, It's one count of attempted murder per pill.
  • Sounds like a good time to me.. BAHAHA just kidding. I don't do drugs anymore. But he obviously is selling XTC and I bet you anything he's going to continue selling xtc... and you guys are going to fight a lot until he moves out. Lives at friends doing drugs and living a life of hell. At the moment though he probably thinks he doesn't need you. How old is he??? 16, 17? There's a lot of punks like him around. I suggest boarding school.

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