• This depends on one major factor. Do you wish to claim U.S. citizenship? Canada does allow dual citizenship, meaning you can still retain your Canadian citizenship even if you marry a man from the U.S. However, the U.S. does not allow dual citizenship, meaning they will force you to give up your Canadian citizenship in order to earn a U.S. citizenship.
  • That is 100% not true. I am a born Canadian citizen and married an American Citizen and I now live the U.S. You will definitely be eligible to obtain dual citizen, but you will be allowed to apply for U.S citizenship if you wish after 3 years. If you do not wish too, you will not be allowed to vote. But the U.S will never denounce your citizenship. You will always be Canadian, even if you live in the U.S :p If you're not 100% unsure still, or you still don't believe me:p go to the U.S government site Best of Luck!
  • No. Generally, you can lose Canadian citizenship if and only if you go to a Canadian consulate and file papers to officially renounce it - and not always even then.

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