• hahaha im answering your question 2 years later xD yes schoolwork is important.
  • many things in the world has been changed since you asked this question 2 years ago..i've no answer :)
  • Of course it is. And if you're going to pay big bucks for college then you should take it very seriously. However, I will say, if you choose to not go to college, I think that's okay too. School isn't for everyone and depending upon where you want life to take you, certain subjects in college may not necessarily help you in the long run. I am a screenwriter and I never went to college because math, history and science does me no good. Instead, I get my film education on an actual film set. If you choose to not go to college, I don't think you should be judged, however most people are. I am everyday.
  • Yes and no about 4% of what you learn in school is really really important, applicable, useful information and skill development. The rest is filler. So all in all I would say, looking at the full course of a person's life, school is not really that important. Wisdom, common sense and ability gained through simply living life is far more useful than much of k through 12 for most people later in life. But that's not to say it is not important, there the social aspects, the psychological aspects, the shaping and molding of people into people of society (though many like myself might argue this isn't such a good thing). The experience of living in the educational system, not necessarily education itself, prepares people for society and the rigors of the class system, the employment system and the legal system.
  • it is very important colleges look at your high school record.

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