• Yay - natural highlights. Think of the economies in hairdressers bulls. Erm.. they will come out stripey, won't they? But what if frizzy hair marries straight? That would be disastrous - you could never style it. So inter-colour dating - fine, but inter-curly - never.
  • no anyone without black hair is a sinner!!!
  • LOL That's great AB! :-)
  • Everyone now sounds like a frigging bunch of UBER-NAZIS!!!
  • Where do you come up with this stuff? I believe in mix and match hair dating. I have brown my wife is blond. Hair isn't important as long as it is clean and well cared for.
  • well it's all okay --except with blondes and that depends whether they are natural blondes or unnatural blondes..and if the latter: how much of the bleach penetrated deeper than the roots.
  • ^_^ I do and yes, that's ok.
  • no way. what kind of society would we have ? I think that all "red heads" should be with the other "red heads" their own kind.. and all "blonds" should be with "blonds" only and brunetts well they need to be with brunetts. what do you think this is a multi-hair-coloured-society ? no son or daughter of mine is going to dating a blond ! or even a red head ! what about the cheaters,,,who DYE their hair..what about Michael Jackson ? ( I am kidding, I actualy am attracted to red heads ) must be their hot tempers ;>) Of coures,I woulds shave myself bald so I still would not fit into any catigory. >(
  • NO, what a horrible thought...shudders... Where in the world do you get these crazy thoughts? At this rate the next thing would be inter-eye color dating, oh the horrors!!!!!!!!!!
  • WELLA, I think it is important to choose your breeding partner based on the haircolor of their RED KEN. You can't just hook up with any old TONI & GUY! BUMBLE & BUMBLE around and you could wind up in a MANIC PANIC.
  • *GASP* No WONDER I was so maligned and mistreated as a child coming up in public school! It was the travesty of my mixed hair! You see, it was naturally a light brown with interwoven shades of dark and light blond. Even in first grade when we were instructed to draw pictures of ourselves, I was force, (FORCED I say!) to use both yellow AND brown crayons in my drawing... If only my poor parents had known that by having me they would force me to live an unpopular life because of my mixed hair. Dad, you see, had very dark hair and mom very light. And my own poor, sweet children! I have unwittingly passed my heritage on to them. They all have mixed hair, with my daughter's being the most prominent! History will undoubtedly repeat itself... we live in the same town where I grew up. We must flee immediately! Oh, if only I had known sooner! Where will we be safe, with all of our mixed hair?!?
  • Of course. But people with red hair are scary.
  • that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of - why shouldn't that be okay? this makes just as much sense as the inter-racial dating questions.

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