• I think thats stupid. Native Americans can feel free to celebrate whatever they like, the same as you or I can.
  • I think that person is so wrong...
  • I think you shouldn't care what any idiots say. New answer..................................... Hahahaha....look almost 1yr to the day!!!!!!! And my answer still stands!:)
  • Did this come from another Native American? I'm not sure I understand the question if it didn't. I don't think it's rude, I think it's hateful. And it's these types of beliefs that continue to feed discrimination.
  • OK if we follow that premise, 1.the only people allowed to party on St Patricks Day are the Irish.that means no skippin work,getting drunk,pouring green food coloring in the river,eating corn beef and cabbage,etc. 2. the only ones to party on mardi gras are the residents of LA,MS,and AL.same rules apply as above,in addition to no flashing for beads, no extreme month long parties,no 2nd line (if you have to ask what it is you've never done it anyway),and you may not use the words"THROW ME SOMETHIN'MISTER!"
  • I'd say that Native Americans were at the first Thanksgiving celebrations, but everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Just don't try to force it on others.
  • i agree that the person was rude & i think native americans are just as entitled to celebrate thanksgiving as anybody else in this country!
  • being native american... i am absoltuely certian that person is a MORON! everyone has something to be thankful for
  • I think that's silly.
  • This person might have been rude in their delivery or the way they talked. The Native Americans were severely deceived by the settlers and cheated out of land and everything that was sacred to them.It was literally a north American holocaust of their people. This person sees it a a betrayal because of the history of what happened to a people that could not defend themselves against barbarians with guns.
  • I think that person needs a little Peyote therapy to have some deeper introspection with themselves and to chill o.u.t.
  • I am a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, and we celebrate Thanksgiving as a family, and as a Nation. I think the person you were talking to is just one of those who would turn the tables on the other person and prove that he could be just as offensive as they were. I have read statements from other Native Americans who have said if they were in charge, the invaders would be sorry. I never can understand how pledging to be even worse than the other guy is a good thing.
  • I am Native American, I am proud to celebrate it every year. It is a celebration of thankfulness for the bounties of the land, the oceans, the streams, and of those things that make life wonderful did not begin with the Pilgrims. The Native Americans were commemorating these bounties long before the Pilgrims arrived. The customs still survive, more beautiful and meaningful today because of their fragile and spiritual nature.
  • I hope you told the person that being a bit of a thicko was no excuse for being rude - even stupid people can be polite.
  • I think rude people can find any reason to be rude. I asked a question once on here and somebody replied I should have a bullet in my head. People are rude especially on this site.

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