• It was significant that the Urals were a military obstacle. Russian factories were moved (in American Trucks) behind the Urals to keep them out of the hands of the wehrmacht.
  • They basically separate the continents Europe and Asia. [click to enlarge picture]
  • The Urals separate Europe and Asia and are also called the Stone Belt for the way it cuts in two that area, named by the first hunter-gatherers of the area. These mountains supplied Peter the Great with metals important in the supplying of his army, forming the first ironworks in 1630s. Then during WWII most of the Russian industries were transplanted strategically from European USSR to the Urals, situated in the heart of the USSR. Since the war, coking coal from the Qaraghandy Basin, Kuznetsk coal, and hydroelectric power have supported the metallurgical industry, which has been enormously expanded and continues to grow to this day.
  • It represents a barrier where West and East are said to divide in great mother Russia. Pass the Boдќa. Nostrovia! Ü¡

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