• Assuming that both your old machine and your new machine have USB ports... [1] Plug the ZIP drive into the old machine and copy the desired data down to as many ZIP disks as are necessary. [2] Plug the ZIP drive into the new machine and copy the desired data from the ZIP disks. Alternatively, you could use a small number of ZIP disks and make several "trips" between the two machines.
  • An old Win95 system will probably not have a USB port. Support for USB ports was very rare in even the later versions of Win95, and wasn't standard until WIn98. However, a neat solution may be a MINI NETWORK. See if you can grab a null-modem cable (which connects both computers through their comm (serial) ports) or a cable that will connect the PCs through their parallel ports. Then go to Program-Accessories-Direct Cable Connection on both PCs, set up the old PC as the host, and the newer PC as the guest. This creates a mini-network, in which the newer PC can grab anything on any of the old PC's drives. You may also need to go to "my computer" & right-click on each drive, to set the drives' permissions to "share-able". Otherwise, teh old PC may refuse to make its data accessible to "guest" PCs. If "Direct Cable Connection" doesn't appear on your Program > Accessories menu, you can install it by going to "Install New Applications" in "My Computer > Control Panel", then clickikng on "add windows component", and choosing "direct cable connection" from a list of optional Windows components.
  • It might take less time to load drivers for an external drive or jump drive, if you have them into the Win 95 computer. You can use the USB Zip Disk...if you don't have anything better to do for awhile.

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