• *One more thing...I'm 16 1/2. Problem is my dad totally objects, but my mom wants to at least think about it. I really want to get it done professionally without having to go behind their backs. Plus, I'm a little bit worried what people would think of it...I'm mean: why should I be seen as a bad person just because I have a tongue piercing, even though I'm not a bad person at all? You know what I mean? I'm a good student and a tongue piercing won't change that. I just want one because I like it. Plus...I'm a little worried about the pain...xP Please help, thanks!
  • Tongue piercings are one of the less painful piercings you can get. It's because the bulk of your tongue is muscle, which doesn't have the same pain nerve receptors as your skin. I've heard that clamping the tongue is the worst part of the procedure, but I promised the piercer I wouldn't move and he did it without the clamp. Your tongue will swell initially (almost immediately) and it depends on how you heal how long it will take to heal, but swelling is usually manageble after 3 days or so. You have to take really good care of the site because there's a lot of bacteria in your mouth that could infect the wound. And as far as reputation goes, the perception that tongue piercings enhance oral sex is definately out there, but I don't think a piercing alone would lead anyone to believe that you behaved a certain way. I would recommend getting a clear plastic stud if you ever have anything you want to look professional for, like a job interview, or if you want to take it out around certain people (I'd use it for stuff like my cousin's weddings). Good luck!
  • I did not get mine until I was like 23. I'm 31 and my mom still hates it. Everyone’s pain level is different. but I tell you what, it hurt like hell. If mine were to ever close up. It’s a rap. I would not get it redone. I got mine done with a friend and it did not hurt her as much. As far as talking goes it depends on the size of the bar. I wanted one that was small. I really think most people who talk like that does it for the attention, unless they have a huge bar in there mouth. People will think all types of stuff as to why you want to get it done. The reason I got mine done was I wanted to stop chewing soo much gum, but it did not help. 16 to me is too young. I agree with your dad. If I was your parents I would make you wait until you move out and can make your own way. There is a stigma attached. Boys are going to think things. Men my age still think I got it done for THAT reason. Can you handle that???
  • It didnt hurt me at all only when they put the ring in! i got mine done last night, and it is sore as hell now n swallon and i cant eat nothing!, i can talk but not well. My dad doesnt know yet! he hasnt notice and i been talking to him aswell
  • It hurt me! She pushed it part way through and then she had to bear down to get it to go the rest of the way through and it hurt! The healing afterwards wasn't as bad but Wendy's Frosty's helped with that. I made sure to do it after work when I had two days off because I had to call out orders at work and they would have to be able to understand me. I was in my mid 30's and had just paid off my home and that's the one thing I wanted to do for myself after all those years of sacrifice!

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