• I'm not sure I understand the question! Obviously one is longer than the other! If you're asking why piercers use a longer bar rather than the short one it's to allow room for the most likely swelling of the tongue that will occur after the pierce.
  • I have my tongue pierced 3 times. When you first get it pierced, they will put a long bar in to allow room for swelling. When the swelling goes down, you my return to the shop and they will replace it with a shorter bar that appropriatly fits your size tongue. They do this for free in most shops.
  • yeah i agree with anonymous, the bigger bar is to allow for the swelling, a shorter bar is much more comfortable,can i suggest plastic screw balls to stop the enamel on your teeth wearing away
    • Linda Joy
      And dice may look cute, but they will hurt the roof of your mouth.
  • it varies depending on the thickness of your tongue.

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