• Nope. I am 100% dependent on it!!
  • Yes....But I wouldn't want to.
  • I could live without anything besides food, water and shelter. But would I want to, or would it be worth it....hell no!!
  • No. I wouldn't be able use my laptop, my hair straighteners, the t.v!
  • Yes, I can and have. if I had to I would be able to.
  • No. I have an electric wheelchair. I need the electric to get around.
  • Yes, and I would like power to go completely off. First thing I would do is to throw away my then useless cell phone, and my computer. It's so nice when you blow a candle instead pressing a cold plastic switch as last thing to do at the end of the day...
  • I think I could. I love candlelight and firelight. Lets see, no phones, which means no sales calls, no TV, ahhh, peace and quite. Could you imagine how peaceful that would be. Heaven.
  • have and could again-been in some strange places-trust me on this one-modern amenities are very nice---cool question have some points-smile and enjoy the day
  • Yeah, sure, maybe. But it would be really annoying.
  • Electricity is not life. Water is life. That is a utility bill I am willing to pay as a result. Electric bills were raised last summer a full thirteen percent where I live. Consequently, in my drafty house, the power bills were (this is no exageration) $600.00 per month. Of course, despite the fact that both my husband and myself have good jobs, this got ahead of us. Our savings depleted by the purchase of the home two years prior, we had nothing to delve into save for the tender loans of family and friends. It became absolutely rediculous to continue to fight to keep our noses above water to pay that damned bill. My husband suffered a heart attack and after having spent three days in the hospital, and an additional time afterward recuperating, his paycheck came in at a meager $600.00. No room to pay any other bills or purchase food and personal necessities for an eight member family. My husband and I discussed it and we decided, above all else, we make our house payments, pay the water bill, and buy food. We can live without things like the luxury of electricity. We have discovered that it brings the family together. We use D Cell batteries in a boom box for music, and, in the evenings, we insert books on disc to listen to for entertainment. Board games have been dusted off and revived. The inconvienience of cold showers have been offset by the purchase of a propane heated hot water system that was fully 1/2 the cost of one months power bill. Storing the perishable food was a problem, and as far as I am concerned remaines a problem because our neighbor was kind enough to run a power cord and we have agreed to pay her $20.00 per month for the safety of the perishable food items we have stored in our fridge and freezer. That is the next obstacle we are tackling, how to preserve the ability to freeze and keep fresh, our perishable food items without the use of electricity. I am certain there is a way, but I will forge the cost of that next month. It is our family's full intention to be completely independant of paying for electricity and the flexing muscles of the companys continued raising of the rates because they belive thier power to be tantamount to life itself. Our family intends to show them otherwise, and wishes fondly for others to join our cause......before they were forced to do so as we were.
  • I could, but it wouldn't be easy.
  • not unless my A/C was propane
  • Before the early 1900's, most of us lived without electricity. Houses were heated with wood fires, illuminated with gas lamps or candles, telephones were rare, and TV did not exist. Computers weren't even a wild fantasy then. Food was kept cold in icehouses.
  • Yes, We've been there. Before we could get electricity for our newly built house(that was 15 years ago), we had to wait for 6 months. Infrastructure was poor at that time in India that you had to wait so long and even prior to that we were in village and so we have always lived without electricity. So it IS possible. But given the current standard of living, I should accept that it is difficult to go back to old ways.
  • Yup,I can generate it.
  • Would love to do that in the Himalayas but that's a long way now. Still have some more things to wind up before I leave!
  • I could, but I wouldn't want to....
  • Yes. I have been without electric before and I didn't mind it at all. Between hurricanes that frequented Houston in my youth and camps when I was older I have gone many a day/week without it.
  • I remember as a kid my mum struggling to pay the bills and sometime not managing to pay the electric bill,so the electric was cut off until she scrapped the money together to pay it and we managed over the weeks we were cut off...not fun though:)
  • I could and would probably do exeptionally well without it. Better yet, an off-grid solar powered home would be nice. Yes, it's electricity but it would be mine, not something coming in from the outside.
  • yes, i have before, and it's really sucks.
  • yes,i can.
  • Yes, during my childhood I lived without electricity on a couple of occasions.
  • Yes I could and I have and I will again! I loved it. I cooked outside on a campfire, as we had no grill and our stove is electic. The kids did homework and helped with chores. They played outdoors and behaved much better than they ever had. We didn't fight over spongebob or the game systems. My husband became more interested in the kids and myself with out the usage of the xbox. We sat around the camp fire at night and talked and laughed. And now come tomorrow, we will once again loose our electricity and I will once again deal with what God has given me.....Smarts. And by the time winter ends, I will probably have some awsome family memories.
  • I would find it very hard. All my systems in my flat are electric (freezer, oven, heating). I'd be eating cold beans from a tin (if I could get the lid off first!).

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