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  • That's a pretty common concern, but the easiest way to figure it out, is to make yourself orgasm on your own, and see what happens. After you do that you'll know for sure. There's not really a more definate answer that because feeling like you have to pee is common during orgasm, especially if you are inclined to squirt (female ejaculation). Then of course, there are some women who actually do pee during orgasm. SO....if you're not squimish about a little masterbation, then test it out, and see what the case is, since it should be pretty obvious after it happens. One comes out of one spot, and the other another, lol.
  • When you feel the need to pee push past it, do not clamp down with your PC muscles. Stopping the "pee" feeling will stop you from ejaculating, which is one of the best feelings in the world. If you take the masturbation advice listed above, make sure you curve your fingers (or use a G-spot stimulating toy) so that you can reach above the pubic bone. The G-spot needs to be massaged, gentle rubbing won't cut it, think that you are trying to massage a pea through a blanket, put some rhythmic force behind your fingers. Sooner (or later) you will get to the "pee" feeling and the rest will be a very memorable step into your sexually advanced future. Enjoy it!
  • yes it does. when i finger myeslf, i feel like i have to pee really bad, but i really dont. then i have an orgasm.
  • Most of the time yes, and after every orgasm I have I have to go pee then.
  • Umm only if I'm getting of from my g spot from the clit no I have to pee afterward though..

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