• The short answer to your question is "sometimes". This depends on your cell phone mostly, but your provider and laptop have something to do with it too. For instance, if I sign up for a "data" plan with my provider, I can install software on my laptop (or desktop for that matter) computer that allows me to connect to my cell phone via bluetooth and use it as a modem. Other methods exist but it always involves "harnessing"/"tethering your cell phone as a modem or router for your computer via a wired or wireless technology and some software.
  • there are two ways to go about this. 1: using your cell phone as a modem, which requires a dial up account, and a cable (some cellphones have a usb mini b port which makes it easier to obtain a cable), which you may have to purchase from your cell phone provider (or ebay) (not to mention, you can also charge your phone by hooking it up to your computer.) by default, the pc will detect it as a modem, and will ask for drivers. most manufacturers have them on their website. the downside to this, in addition to being dial up, is that unless it's night or the weekend, you're using your minutes. the second way to go about it is called "tethering" which uses the cell phones wireless internet (provided you have a data plan). depending on your data plan, you may get sub dial up speeds, but it all depends on your data plan and carrier. it's the same routine as with the dial up method, minus using it as a modem. rather, it's being used more as a router. once again, you're going to have to go to the cell phone manufacturer's website to download their tethering software, or look elsewhere. a good start would be
  • I've often wondered about this. Thanks for asking +4

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