• devastated...a crushed ego...a broken heart...
  • Depends howi felt about the person as to how i would feel,i have been relieved in the past and also heartbroken,like i say depends on the situation
  • That happened to me only once and I felt very bad. Then we got back together and after a short while I dumped him..just because during the time we were apart I grew more aware of the weaknesses in the relationship. The "feeling bad" part passes and if you are honest about it you realize there was something faulty about the relationship and move on.
  • Like shit.
  • worthless.
  • Well I have never been dumped per se but I have been inlove once or twice with someone who didn't love or even like me back. It was not a very pleasant feeling at all. Took me 6 long years to accept the fact she was never going to feel the same about me and move on.
  • I would guess the same as pretty much everyone would. Hurt and heartbroken.
  • Well, I kinda want revenge. Make her feel the pain I did. Hoping one day, she'll get played by some other guy. Then I'll feel better.
  • Like Crap. I am sure I am not the only one that does either.
  • I feel devastated and then I go into denial, fully believing that they will change their mind and come back for me. And normally, they do.
  • If I'm attached to her then I will feel a great amount of pain... followed by a length of depression... It depends how attached I am... just to be clear there is a huge difference between Love and Attachment... Generally the less relationship experience you have + the longer the relationship has lasted = the more attached you get = the more pain you suffer when it ends.
  • If a woman tells me her full truth it may hurt a bit but I quickly get over it - like a poking of a needle. The longer term result is that I have great respect for her knowing her truth and having the courage to tell it. When women just leave in anger, refuse to talk or just ignore me then I feel like there is unfinished business... and the unfinished business takes more of my attention. The dumping itself rarely hurts me at all... I usually know long before the dumping that there is something wrong. I feel the pain of separation when I know I've reached the limit of the truth they are willing to share... The dumping or being dumped is just a natural consequence of this limit on intimacy...

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