• the empty boxes
  • Hmm maybe Rice Crispies? Or Puffed Wheat?
  • is oatmeal a cereal?
  • I think corn flake are really really low....
  • I would say anything with rice because it don't have any caleries. (that I know of) until you add marshmellow creme & butter & make rice crispy treats!!!
  • Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs. 70 Calories per cup. Helps if you add sweetener and sprinkle some cinnamon on it. And it's healthy.
  • Please have a look at this thread: "In your opinion, what are the healthiest cereals?? I am looking for some new options!! I like cereals w/ a lot of fiber, minimal sugar and fat. And of course, the lower the calories, the better! :) And if its very filling too... than its the perfect cereal. I need it to be very bland and not sugary or else I end up binging on it (eating the whole box in one day!!) and when i eat cereal, I have it with fruit yogurt AND milk, so its sweet enough! So far, I really like: Fiber One, All-Bran Original, Nature's Path Multibran. Anything else??" "I am a cereal expert! I pretty much only eat Fiber 1 cereal or Speciak K Protein Plus. Fiber 1 has 14 grams of fiber per half cup serving, and 60 calories. I really like eating it for breakfast as well as a snack - I usually do one cup (60 cals) with a half cup of 8th continent light vanilla soy milk, and the whole thing is 150 calories and it keeps me full for quite a while! The Special K is a little higher in calories and has less fiber, but I eat 2 servings of it on days when I have a little higher calorie intake and it still keeps me full because it has protein and fiber. As far as cereal goes, any brand works, but you have to make sure you don't get instant - the non-instant kind keeps you full for much longer, and it takes just as much time to cook (which is sort of weird.) I usually eat about 225 calories worth (3/4 of a cup) and it keeps me full for most of the morning so I just need a small snack (usually a banana or other piece of fruit) before lunch. Hope some of this info helps!" Source and further information:
  • the one you don't eat.
  • 1-30-2017 The only packaged cereals that are considered healthful are the ones labeled "100% Bran". And that is only because they contain fiber, which your body needs to keep the pipes clean. The milk is the nutrition part.

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