• I read Hitler hated Jews because he used to be mistaken for one when he was a child.
  • I've never heard of that. Still, there's no excuse for what he did.
  • dont know
  • No verifable truth to that rumor however here is a site that gives a possible explaination for his actions against the jews
  • i've heard that he used to be a full fledge artist and applied to an art school, but got rejected. his own grandparents were head of the school and he still got rejected, and they were jewish, so since then, he's hated jews...that's not the whole reason for the holocaust, but it has something to do with his hatred of jews
  • I always heard the Hitler himself had jewish blood running through his sick vains. It is really scary to think one person, with maybe average intellegence could hoodwink nations of people to try to obliterate a whole race of people, although not only jews were were at his wrath, he hated gypsies, christians, all handicapped, etc. If It happened once????........:( Could it ever happen again?
  • Biographers can try to give all the facts as they know them. But I'm not sure I trust all the accounts of Hitler's Childhood to be true. One of the people that answered your guestion. The one that goes by the name "asweetguy." Hopefully helped to answer your question as well as some of the others.
  • From the version of the story I've always heard, Hitler's hatred of the Jews stemmed largely from his belief in the superior "Aryan Race", and a patriotic desire to "Cleanse" Germany of those he considered "Inferior". Of course, there are a few things that are very, very important to note: 1- Hitler didn't just persecute the Jews. The ethnic cleansing of the Holocaust targeted Gypsies, Homosexuals, and other minorities along with the Jews. The fact that Hitler's tactics seemed to target any and every minority he could would suggest to me that his actions were motivated not so much by pure hatred as they were by political gains. Uniting people against a perceived common enemy is an excellent way to gain power and influence. 2- Hitler's particular philosophy and actions probably stemmed from psychosis more than it did from any logical reasoning. As a link in one of the other answers here mentions, Hitler was extremely paranoid, delusional, and mentally unstable due to a lot factors, syphilis not the least among them. Really, I think trying to trace Hitler's motives and actions back to any sort of logical root is probably an exercise in futility, because when you get right down to it, he was just.... One sick fuck who happened to have the right skills at the right time to get his way.
  • he probably hated them the same reason as everyone else in germany did. long held grudges against jews by the christians. also they were a convient scapegoat. there were even some books published about conspiracys by the jews to start wars and get money.
  • No. The Hitler family was Roman Catholic.
  • He was born and raised in an area that had alot of jewish blood mixed into most people, however it has never been either confirmed either way. In short, none knows if he had jewish blood or not but it's likely he had some at least. However he didn't consider himself a jew and people with such mixed and unconfirmed blood werent really killed, perhaps due to the fact they had some "germanic" blood in their veins as well or maybe its just because they couldn't know who had it and who didn't. Sure Hitler did alot of in mine and most people of todays mind horrible things but for some reason that just isn't enough for alot of people. They feel the need to not just let his actions speak for themselves. No they have to add sillyness, cowardice etc into the commonly accepted idea of whom Hitler was. In my opinion this is quite stupid since it makes people question all information on what he did. I mean if people make up lies out of thin air like that he was a jew, he never really earned the honors he was given during the first world war for bravery in the field etc how do we know they didn't make the concentration camps up too to justify their war on him even more? Thats why i believe that it's very important to keep our history clean of all the propaganda.
  • Adolf Hitler was a Roman Catholic, and he attended a Benedictine Monastry school in Lambach Austria, and he was a very good pupil.He also sang in the school choir.
  • Denial and fear of being found out
  • Because it was popular to kill Jews. That's a simplified verssion of it, but Hitler certainly would not have wanted to kill Jews if most of the German population was in love with them.
  • Self-hatred?
  • Because he's sick
  • No, He was a Roman Catholic then converted to Darwinism later in his life. Thats where he got the "unfit to live" ideas from. And also why the Pope couldn't do anything to stop the war.
  • hitler was a jew and he killed jews because his mother was raped by a jew and hitler turned out a jew so it is all that jews fault that raped the mother
  • I've read about this somewhere.

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