• George Preca, priest and founder of the Societas Doctrinae Christianae Szymon of Lipnica, priest of the Order of Friars Minor Charles of St. Andrew, priest of the Congregation of the Passion Marie Eugenie de Jesus, founder of the Institute of the Sisters of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Were all canonized on June 7 2007 in St. Peter's square. There were a number of beatifications in the fall, but no more recent canonizations. If you want to stay current check out the vatican's site at: where you can get a comprehensive list of recent and future beatifications/cannonizations
  • come october 2008, blesseds maria bernarda butler (switzerland/colombia), gaetano errico (italy), alphonsa muttathupadathu (india)and narcisa de jesús martillo morán (ecuador/peru)will be canonized.

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