• Very hard question to answer given no other info. It really would depend on the circumstances of the argument (guessing there is an argument here).
  • Yikes! I don't know that you can place a value on length of service or by the nature of the relationship. I think there isn't a stock answer. I think a person (you) needs to decide which one they can do without.
  • put it this way - if boyfriend promised to babysit for girlfriend for half an hour, then at last minute let you down to go out with friends, then i think he's saying girlfriend is not important to him. am i right?
  • Personally, I would place priority on my boyfriend. My friends understand. I hope I would be his #1 priority, too. I mean, I love him and he loves me. He says he loves me more than anyone in the world. Therefore, shouldn't I be his top priority? I don't understand why people would be together for two years if they did not love each other. It doesn't make sense to me.
  • If everything is as it should be then the two parties should not be in conflict at all. What is the nature of the problem?
  • Totally hard question. If one has a problem with the other, do your best to understand why. If both sides simply get annoyed with each other, maybe just keep them separate as best you can. There could be a very good reason though. It's way hard to decide the importance. I'm leaning towards the girlfriend. 2 years seems to be a serious relationship. It means that you're in it together, and you have a sense of commitment to each other. Can you see her becoming your wife? Maybe picture her as your wife, and then decide? If you can, do your best to keep them both.
  • Neither at some levels but ultimately if two people are together as a team, as in marriage, that is the most important relationship. Hands down...the "friend" should be included as appropriate but not be primary after two years...
  • depends. if it's between chilling with the gang or a sudden "hey let's go see a movie" with hubby, i'd say, sorry my friends had this planned for a while, i'm not flaking. if it's between going to a wedding or taking a roadtrip, i'd say wedding. generally both sides should be understanding, but my loyalties lie with my friends. i've learned that the hard way and from even seeing other friends.
  • His S/O should come first, he will more than likely make her his wife, and then she will be first, anyway. A friend is just as important, but I believe you have to put your S/O first. A true friend would understand that.
  • Honestly this is how I see it. If there is nothing between me and my friend of 15 years then there is nothing for my g/f of 2 years to be concerned about so the issue is moot. However if my g/f of 2 years suddenly decides she feels the need to become an unresonably jealous and possessive bitch you better believe her ass will be history provided I did all in my power to make her see and understand that there was nothing between me and my friend.
  • I think they're both equally important...
  • I would say it depends on how your girlfriend wants it to be considered. And I'd probably say "Girlfriend for two years, friend for 15." My ex and I were together for at least a couple of years before we married. Now, I say, "Married for 13 years... Together for 15."
  • GIrlfriends come and go but a friend for almost 20 years --- dude, that kind of connection is very rare. Anyway, few "girlfriends" last long enough to be a wife. Just think how many girlfriends and boyfriends we all have before we get married! A woman that really was about YOU would be understanding and make friends with your friends then you and your woman, and your friend and her boyfriend could all do things together! Jeezus, some women are so insecure and silly. Tell your girl there is room in your life for both and if she can't handle it, then oh well.
  • If one puts you in a corner to choose, the girlfriend should win out as you are sharing closer feelings with her than a good friend. But a bff should give way to g/f when time is limited. That is a unwritten rule as you are trying to keep your relationship going. Friendship with friends is great but love gets higher priority and is different with s/o's.
  • I'm a best friend. I stood by my friend through thick, thin, cried with him in disappointment, laughed with him, bonded with him. He gets a girlfriend, and all of a sudden, bam, I'm garbage to be left on the curb and picked up by the garbageman. She'll break his heart, sooner or later, and then he'll come crawling back, begging for forgiveness, and guess what? Im gonna laugh in his face.
  • Can they both be equally important in your life? If one of them becomes your wife one day, then she will be the most important!
  • Why does there have to be levels of importance? If he has committed his life to his girlfriend, like if they were to be one flesh, married for life, then I could see how of course she would be the most important in his life. But until then, why can't all share equally?
  • I would say the girlfriend if things are serious. If you want a future with her and possibly marriage, then she could be your partner and best friend for the rest of your life and would be there for you all the time, while most friend are seen occasionally. It doesn't mean you cant have both though.

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