• I think it was ice skates....the package he opened on the island from the crashed plane. he used them to break open coconuts
  • They dont tell that in the movie, He never opens it. He delivers it to its owner at the end ,then drives away. I think it was probably a couple of lighters, maybe a cell phone with g.p.s., I dont know, anti-biotics. a pocket fisherman....
  • If you read the original script there were two bottles of green salsa and a love letter from Bettina to her rotten husband in the angel wings box. The ending was also quite diffrent from the ending shown in the movie. In the movie he is standing at a crossroads in Texas and at a crossroads in his life after delivering the angel wings box when he is met at the crossroads by Bettina and she gives him directions. He looks north, south, east and as she drives to the west he notices the angel wings on the back of her truck and stares in that direction smiling implying that that is the direction he is taking and also implying that she may very well be his soul mate. If you notice the wind is also blowing in the direction of her truck and it was the winds on the island that helped him ultimately escape. It leaves you thinking they will live happily ever after. There is a lot of subtle symbolism in that movie. I prefer the ending wich was used in the movie to the original script which has him ultimately meeting and driving off with a female Fed-Ex driver. You can just type in "Cast Away Script" into your search engine and find the original script published online.
  • Robert Zemeckis was asked at a Q&A session at USC what was in the unopened packaged. He replied that it was a waterproof, solar-powered, satellite phone. This little sound byte even made it's way onto the dvd. hear for yourselves. On the second disc of the 2-disc edition of the DVD, select "Video and Stills Galleries". Highlight "Raft Escape" on the next menu, and press LEFT on your remote. An icon of yellow and blue wings appears. Press play to hear.

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