• What?? I don't want to be rude here...but isn't this a new millenium? Remember that just a few decades ago living together was 'living in sin"? Our culture is rapidly changing, and part of that is gender roles. Everyone has their own paradigms when it comes to gender-specific etiquette, but I don't believe there is one true rule here.
  • No its fine. But - I made the mistake of offering it up when I was young and poor but non-the-less an upandcomer(she was still living with her quite wealthy parents). She replied with something to the effect that she couldn't live without a nice bedroom set and furniture etc. Well I quitely stewed for a litte bit, and came to the realization that I needed to move on. I wanted someone who could like the adventure. A part of me still wishes I'd of waited though and let her make up her mind on her own. She did marry someone who promised her those things - now she is divorced and poor with kids. I'm doing quite well myself - I have stopped by when in town and it breaks my heart - I am sure it breaks hers everytime also (and that doesn't make me feel better at all)
  • I don't think so, and i certainly hope not, otherwise i have been guilty of bad etiquette at least twice in my life.
  • I don't feel that it is bad etiquette at all. There can be many reasons why people choose not to get married and in this day and age, if you look at the high divorce rates, it's advicable to live with the one you love before getting married and starting a family. Children should have the right to enter a stable relationship between their parents. Children are always the victims of bad marriages. People can avoid or reduce the chance of a bad marriage by postponing marriage, postponing having children until they have experienced the up and downs of living together with the other person. In fact, I am not sure why people should get married at all if they do not want children- the only reason perhaps being financial benefits/tax etc. It doesn't matter who proposes first (to either get married or live together); since men and women have (or should have) equal rights then we should ignore etiquettes that do not move along with time. Being married does not guarantee happiness.

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