• There are six kinds of story structures 1.Inevitable. ex :the dawn patrol (1938) 2.Pile on. ex:some like it hot (1959) 3.Hidden agenda. ex:the professionals (1966) 4.Flash back. ex:all about eve (1950) 5.Temptation and Redamption. ex : the front (1976) 6.Flash forward. ex:the sixth sense (1999)
  • These are some pictures I found. I hope it helps. They show the 3-Act system most often used in films. Act 1 is basically the setup, where the expository info is given. Act 2 occurs after the first plot point, and shows the conflict of the story. Act 3 is the resolution, where the conflict is resolved. For instance, Lord of the Rings (if you count all three as the story) is perfect for this structure. Act 1 is in the Shire (you're introduced to the setting and characters. Plot Point 1 is when Frodo receives the Ring and the conflict begins. Act 2 is from then and through the Two Towers. Plot Point 2 is when Gollum turns on Frodo. Act 3 is when the ring is destroyed.

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