• I've been in Carlsbad Caverns. I'm very claustrophobic so it was quite the feat for me.
  • We went into this cave/cavern years ago that was a sort of cave that went straight down hundreds of feet and we had some tight squeezes to crawl through down to the bottom...All the way down we were in back of a couple "good old boys" who on every crack in the cavern had to make a remark like "wow this is ready to give way" or "how did the inspectors ever pass this?"..Maybe that's why I'm claustrophobic today...I didn't mention that my wife(X) had a cast on her broken leg and when the tour guide saw that when we reached the botton of the cave he almost had a heart attack...I should have left her down there...
  • I went to the Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas. It was awesome. Never really "explored" one, though.
  • Yep. We have some great caves around the area where I live. Spelunking is awesome.
  • Yes twice both times when I was in Israel. Because I was only 5 the only thing I remember about the first time was the huge stalagtites and stalagmites. The second time I went to see the Grottos in Rosh Ha Neekrah. I think grottos are a type of cave but I am not sure.
  • Yes. The coolest would have been the Kartchner Caverns in Tuscon, Arizona. They have a waiting list months out. Well worth the wait and the money.
  • Yes. Explored, visited, played inside one.
  • oh... yes. :) splunking is great fun! i went in one ginormous, clay cave that was super slippery & had drop-offs on the sides. my flashlight died and other people had wandered off... this is the type of cave that is so large, nobody has ever found the longest route in it. there is an underground lake though; that's pretty damn cool!
  • Yes. On land, the caves at Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario. Underwater, the cavern near Tobermory, Ontario and the Car wash and Grand Cenotes in Mayan Riviera.
  • Yes, I have been in a cave before but never ever explored one on my own. The cave that I visited some years with my next door neighbor was Gua Tempurung (Tempurung Cave). It is really a great cave to visit.

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