• It depends on how old they are. If they are young (like 7 or 8) & ask that, I would tell them that that is an adult issue & that it's not appropriate to worry about that at that age. if they ask some questions, it's just because they are curious. if you are honest with them, you will be raising a well informed & balanced child. You also have to let them know that there are things that they are too young to know about or worry about. I usually say "ask me in 5 years".
  • When my little brother asks stuff, I try to get as close to the truth as possible, while not loading him with ammo that will land him in the principal's office.
  • It's ok to tell a kid I don't know sometimes.
  • Hmm....what is swinging...its what you did in elementary school on a swingset. (this is not true of me but using example, I have a gf that I'm happily with) " I am a swinger, I love playing at the playground. "
  • I dunno, I don't have kids, but it's my oppinion that sex is not a bad thing, and that kids should learn to accept it as a natural activity. That being said, I would probably be a bit careful about explaining swinging, as it goes against what I consider "appropriate" myself. But, I would tell her/him I believe, if in a rather mild manner (that is, not 'it's when lots of people have a huge fuckfest!')
  • For me, I have fielded numerous questions from my older daughter who just turned 10. If it is something that wouldn't do her any good to know anyway, I tell her that I will be happy to explain it when she is older, but now is not the best time. If it is something that she needs to know I do not hesitiate to tell her....I find the right time and whammo! I let her know exactly what is up. I don't go into gross and gorey details, but I certainly DO explain that people can hurt her and what to watch out for. I have to give her that information to save her life.
  • I would ask the kid the context that they are referring to and then take it from there.
  • It depends on their age and level of understanding. Telling a young child that many adults enjoy each others company together is not going to give him nightmares.
  • Age appropriate. As far as my two year old goes, swinging is what she does at the park. Yeah, I know -- the other kind of swinging goes on there, too, but to her, for now, it's the seat on the chains. Yeah, I know, seat on chains can be....

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