• Apparently, it means "Settlement of Pœga."
  • If I gave you the meaning of my name my real name than you would figure out what my real name is "Leader of the people"guess what my name is?Takecare:)
  • So... i hate this...who the hell makes up what "your" name means name is Darienne...My moms name is Adrienne..see the A and D are reversed...hence how my mom very creatively came up with my web site or book has a meaning for my name... its dissapointing =[
  • Mine means female sheep: ewe
  • My name is apparently Welsh, of which I have no known ancestry, and means "Strong and able." I very much like the names Sebastian, Jareth, and Pheonix.
  • Obviously my name does not mean; "God is gracious." ( Dang, one of my brothers is named 'Hammer of God,' now there's a name.) I dunno as how it is my favorite, but a name that intrigues me is Carmel, which apparently means 'Circumcised lamb.' Hooookayee.
    • Sue Scarcella
      Carmel means "God's vineyard". I don't know where the meaning you have came from.
    • Sue Scarcella
  • I won't tell you what my name is, but I can tell you that it means "Bitter Dark Warrior" and my Scottish family crest says "I learn to suffer.". Cheerful, isn't it?
  • first name means bee middle name means favor or grace and my middle name is a form of this name
  • My name means "Princess"--my best friend growing up had a name meaning "Pure." I always thought the meanings should be switched, because she was VERY spoiled. Her mother still woke her up by rubbing her back, and asked her what she wanted for breakfast--when she was a SENIOR in HIGH SCHOOL.
  • Despite not being religious and coming from a non religious family, my name derives from 'Christ'!
  • My name means candle maker. Fun, huh.... I really like the name Iris and Jade. For a boy, Will. Not William, just Will.
  • My name means "Goddess of the Moon" and I really like the female name, Eloquin.
  • mines brian i think it means strong but i might be wrong my daughters are ashlynn nichole mckinlee rose those are as about original as i have heard in awhile thanks the iron man
  • not sure... my name technios came from the fact that I praise god we have technology
  • My name, Anna, is Hebrew for GRACIOUS. Some names that I really love are: MALE: Ezra (helper), Talon (claw), & Nicholas (victorious people) FEMALE: Melania (dark-skinned, Ava (like a bird), Estella (Star) =]
  • messanger from god!

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