• do they have a violent or drug filled life, are you reliable
  • I think you should just go with your first impression of the people...Most of the time you can tell by the first impression that the people make whether or not they will be reliable and or responsible. Give them a 2 or 3 month trial if they dont keep up the rent and or property boot them.
  • One thing I found VERY important (even over a credit check, because of the privacy act you can't always get answers your looking for) is for potential tentants to sign an agreement to give their banking information. Also if you have those nasty Maintenance Fees you should have a copy of rules from the properties manager/office and have them sign and initial every point of interest. Don't forget about the pet rules!!!! When I see "pet rules" I think of the crazy cat lady or the nut that brings in a million birds!!! But don't forget about banned pitbulls, excotic reptiles etc........ These are only a few things to of luck
  • (1) Do you have a job? (2) Will you pay your rent on time? LOL!
  • Shoot me an email...and I'll send you a copy of my rental application...I DO allow pets...and I don't play games in any direction...I've been royally screwed over by one tenant...($9000.00 worth of screwage) but had fantastic tenants for over 12 years..and have great ones now! email addy on profile!
  • are they from this planet
  • I've learned that it's not so much what you ask the tenant as what you ask their references. I go a lot on gut instinct. If a person is clean and obviously takes care of their appearance and vehicle, then they are more likely to take care of your property. I don't want to sound like a snob, but if someone is not taking care of their own property (car, clothing, etc.) then they are not likely to take care of yours. I'm not saying they need Armani and a BMW. I'd rather see a nice, conservative, well-maintained Honda Civic than a beat up BMW - or even a shiney BMW. Honestly, what they are driving vs. what their income is can give you an idea of well they manage their money. Other than that, I do a check with their employer to verify income (most people fib - some greatly). And, check with their previous landlord about noise, damage, how well they pay their rent, and what their previous rent was. If they were paying $1200 and paid on time and you are asking $1250, chances are you'll be paid on time. If they were paying $600 and you are asking $1200..........mmmm, may be too much of an increase for them unless they've had a decent promotion/pay raise. If two people are going in together who have been renting previously, then you have to consider the combined rent they were paying individually. I've never had any problems with tenants not paying or damaging the property. I have always allowed pets, too. Overall credit check I'm not too worried about as much as payment history. I really don't care if a person is one year into a bankruptcy as long as they have a good payment history with their previous landlord.

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