• Lettuce lack nutrients and calories, thus rabbits can eat it all day and still starve.
  • Lettuce has no nutritional value and will give a rabbit diarrhea.
  • It depends on what kind of lettuce you mean, though. Not all lettuces are bad. Iceberg is what causes problems. Romaine, red leaf, green leaf, escarole, etc., are all excellent for bunnies.
  • Lettuce can give rabbits severe intestinal problems if its not extremely fresh. Cabbage will kill a rabbit. I try to stay away from any kind of leafy foods like this.
  • Lettuce can cause digestive problems in rabbits if not fed when EXTREMELY fresh. Cabbage will kill a rabbit, as they are extremely allergic to it. They will have continuous diarrhea until the body can't take it anymore. Occasionally, you'll find a rabbit who has survived a cabbage feeding. But I highly reccomend NEVER giving a rabbit leafy things. They're perfectly content with bananas, carrots, apples, etc.
  • I've read no lettuce, no cabbage lettuce, no cabbage cabbage, no lettuce no carrots, no lettuce, only cabbage personally i think carrot tops and romaine lettuce are the best, possibly spinach too. what i like to do is when the grass gets high chop some and dry and clean it and then give that to the rabits, thats what they eat a lot of in the wild. no pesticides or fertilyzers of course! never give too much of anything, just little bits because too much leads to diahrea which can be fatal
  • Iceburg lettuce is to acidic for a bunny rabbits tummy (due to personal experience) and can cause ur bunny pain and almost death DONT FEED YOUR RABBIT ICEBURG LETTUCE!
  • You should, just not cabbage. it causes them to bloat is what i have been told. romaine, cilantro, clover,parsley, etc. is perfect. the rabbit i have loves romaine but isnt to fond of the kale yet. most rabbits become picky about what you feed them and i am saying that because i have one rabbit who wont go near carrots and the other one loves them. other good foods are: apples, grapes, pears, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, strawberries, raspberries, etc. here i a good site... it has a list and includes most if not all of these i mentioned. also dont forget the hay and only timothy hay. its fiber content is literally supposed to be a regular for your bunny. the site can tell you the rest. good luck
  • You should NEVER give your rabbits lettuce, bucause it messes up their digestive system. You should only give your rabbits vegetables occasionally. You should feed your rabbits rabbit pellets and about twice a week, feed it grass or timothy hay.
  • You can give your bunny lettuce, but not iceberg because it can give your bunny tummy aches. I am getting a bunny in a couple of days, but I have a lot of experience with my friend's bunnies. One died from eating fertilizer. If that happens, bring your bunny strait to the vet. Also carrot tops are not good, but carrots are fine. Don't over spoil your bunny because it can become greedy and a little too chubby. Anyways, if you do give your bunny, give it romaine or any other dark green leafy vegetables. They LOVE blueberries! Chard is also a safe choice for bunnies, as long as it's fresh. Take care of your bunnies.
  • Forget everything you think you know about rabbits! Just feed them pellets & hay and she will live a long, healthy life. Possibly not happy, but whatever.
  • I've seen several different views on what to feed rabbits. I do believe that spinach is too high in calcium to be good in large quantities, carrots are too high in sugar as are bananas and grapes and dark leaf lettuces are wonderful for rabbits. Common sense dictates the avoidance of cabbaage, beans and any other foods that can cause intestinal bloating as rabbits have such sensitive digestive tracks.
  • Doesn't your rabbit like curly kale and dandilions?
  • Please educate yourself on what you should be feeding your pet! Get a book so your pet will be a happier bunny!
  • Lettuce is very water based and hard for small animals to break down. You can feed it to your rabbit, but not much..
  • When I first got my rabbit, the vet told me that iceberg is a definate no-no and round lettuce in small doses is okay.
  • At Books A Million, there is a book that you need to buy. it's called.............. Bunnies for Dummies No intent meant.
  • NO LETTUCE cabbage is fine!! carrots(in moderation as they are sweet) cauliflower leaves brocolli celery greens radishes dandylions parsley(acts as a medicent in moderation) mint(same as above) Blackberry leaves And plenty of fresh hay as thios helps to keep the teeth in order. Hope this has helped
  • lettuce is fine but don't feed iceberg, it causes gas problems and can be serious. Try to feed it dark colored lettuce like romain
  • 70% of the lettuce grown in the u.s.,contains a toxin found in rocket that may cut short their lives. try growing some if you can.
  • u can feed rabbits lettuce but in moderate limits definite no cabbage, cabbage causes gas
  • Feed your rabbits, dry's in the moroning NOT MIXED DRYS THOUGH! and on the evening greens. My vet told me this is the best diet. She said i can also add treats but not all the time. A carrot is a treat!
  • lettuce isnt that good for them - noooo cabbage! it bloats their tummies and can kill them
  • icberg lettuce has no nuitritional value but other lettuces are fine. I tend to feed my bunnies who i've had since they were 9 weeks old fresh vegetables three times a week along with their regular mueseli and give them fresh hay to nibble(which is about 70% of their diet) and they are doing really well. They've been to the vets and i was applauded for the diet they have and their appearance. To anyone who intends to keep a bunny for a pet remember 70% of their diet is hay, 25% is mueseli or nuggets and fruit and veg is the remainder as an occasional treat.

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