• Oh yes but my toes get cold in the
  • yes I have an old pair of Nikes that were always so comfortable. I can't throw them away even tho I have a couple of newer pairs.
  • Please don't remind me! I just bid a fond farewell to my favorite pair of shoes ever. They were Ecco somethings - I wore them to school a few weeks ago and the treads were ripping off the bottom while I was just sitting there - when I got up to leave there was a small pile of rubber on the floor :( I decided it was time to send them off tho sneaker heaven :(
  • I did that when I was a teenager, not now. Everyone would criticize me if I wore old, worn in, dirty shoes.
  • I have never owned a pair, I dislike them alot
    • Crazychick
      What kinda shoes do you like a lot, angel? Do you like ballet flats? What about sandals?
  • Not tennis shoes. Ballet flats. I have a few old pairs of those that I still like to wear in the house. Yes, they are a bit worn out but who cares? I like wearing them.
  • No, but I still have most of my old platform boots. I had another new pair for my birthday this year as usual.
    • Crazychick
      Those look good, but unfortunately I can't walk in them.
  • I mainly wear boots for work so my sneakers tend to last a while so I really don't feel bad when it's time for new ones.

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