• firstly it depends on the guts u possess to go for either of thm..!! now medically speaking , tongue piercing will hurt much more tham bb piercing..coz of the softer muscle present,but if style is above all the shit, then go for it!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tongue hurts worse. Much worse. And the healing time is more painful, and it's hard to swallow because it swells right after you get it done. It's really uncomfortable. But it heals rather quickly, because your mouth is the fastest healing place on your body.
  • For me my belly button hurt WAAAY worse!!!! It didn't hurt when I got it done, but it killed afterwards... and after having it for over a year it still got torn out when I was doing laundry!!! Aiiish. My tongue was NOTHING what I expected, I regret not having the guts to get it done sooner... :(
  • I had both done, and neither hurt. The only thing is a tongue piercing can be a lot of work, and a is a LOT more annoying. Your tongue will swell up, it will be difficult to talk/eat for a while, and you have to keep it clean or it can get infected. Most of the pain associated with a tongue piercing is in the aftercare - when you have the long barbell in (the initial piercing uses a longer barbell to accommodate swelling) it is easier to chip your teeth and bite down on the barbell once your tongue is no longer swollen. It is also annoying to have a swollen tongue when eating/talking, and alcohol/spicy foods/hot foods can sting while it is healing. I've also heard that beer can cause a yeast infection in a healing tongue piercing. In sum, a tongue piercing doesn't HURT, but it requires more work than a navel ring.
  • I would say tongue, but its not like a TERRIBLE pain, just worse than a navel. You're going to get different answers since everyone has a different thresh-hold of pain.
  • i had my belly button pierced and i thought that hurt quite a lot but in the end it was worth it, the tongue peircing is bound to be painful even if slightly, so it depends on how much you want to get it done? think of it this way? a few seconds of pain and then a month or so healing process.. i reckon it's worth it because it looks so good!
  • my tongue hurt more but healing is faster and easier.
  • not sure since ive never done it

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