• Steel, jet engine, television, aspirin, beer.
  • Well, Beer created Aspirin, which made people stay home and watch television, which has steel parts, like a jet engine... It's a chain!
  • Aspirin.............Mainly for it's value in being heart healthy, even though it wasn't known at the time. Steel for a variety of reasons, but mainly as a building material. Jet engine .... mail moves more quickly as result of that. Not to mention people who have to travel for work related reasons. Television....... it's been a wonderful source of breaking news, entertainment, and knowledge. And lastly, beer. It's overall impact has been negative for society. It's resulted in hundred of thousands of deaths worldwide. Now if you were asking about the chronological introductions, I've missed the mark.
  • beer, steel, television, jet engine, asprin
  • beer, aspirin, steel,jet engine, tv
  • Beer was around some 2000 years ago. TV is less than 100 years old. Steel evolution of metals as far back as the Bronze Age. Aspirin pot luck. Jet engine WWII.

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