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  • The anus has no mechanism for releasing lube of any kind. One possible explaination is that any moisture in your rectum is being drawn out as he pulls out.
  • I agree, mayby you're just getting sweaty. I think that's what must happen to me, too.
  • sounds like you were built for anal :) its a bit more difficult for some of us girls (its fun, but takes a bit of getting into, so cant do it all the time for him) - do you do it instead of vaginal? ever taken a large guy? still just spit? (my guy is a bit large, I think)
  • JNJ: Yep, you're special if you like it. Good for you and him both. Proof he's caring and takes his time preparing you. Right? Good deal, I'm happy for both of you.
  • There are fluids in your rectum that are usually help back by the sphinkter which has obviously been breeched. that combined with pre cum and vag juices is what keeps it going. you may just have more fluid than others just like some girls have very dry vaginas and others are dripping wet.
  • Ch: If that's true why does the asshole get all juicy after poking it awhile without anything put in it. Even a good fingering will juice 'em up good IF it's done right. JNJ: just don't EVER let anyone pull out of your butt and put it into your pussy without a real good washing. You wouldn't pull it out of there and suck it without washing, so be careful there. That's the way women get infections. Ask your doc for a few details. After checking you out, he knows you've been getting it in there too. Good luck and enjoy it as long as you can.
  • Saliva goes a long way next olive oil it is the best lube, your anus has no way to create lube so just chalk it up for bein lucky. You might not be getting wetter, it might be that your anus is opening up and becoming more relaxed to accept his penis. I know when my wife and I do it, it feels the same way but we have come to the conclusion its just her anus opening coz if we go to fast she gets hurt, otherwise if we go slow and easy it opens nice and she feels really slippery.

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