• yes,But secondary buildings.My shop Martial arts school.My home and family comes first. so the house bills come first. I have sold my belongings and tools to pay bills and food. THere is no shame in being a survivor. just shame in being a quitter. Quitters never win ,and winners never quit.
  • Yes. But not at my personal home. I had them cut off at a rental property that had been vacant for a while. They were sending the utility notices directly to the rental property mail box. I had no idea there was money due. It's still my fault though for not realizing I hadn't received a bill for that property.
  • Not yet (knock on wood)
  • We pay all our utility bills by Direct Debit, although we did have one occasion where the bank hadn't made the payment to the electricity company. When a man arrived at the house to cut off the supply my wife invited him in, made him a cup of tea and rang the bank. They told him that it had been their error and that they had now paid it. Fortunately he left the supply on and said that it was the first time he had ever been given a drink, being more used to being threatened and abused.
  • Yes, my family was very poor growing up. We've had the electricity shut off a few times.

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