• Here in Virginia, pros- nice weather, good restaurants. cons- traffic.
  • Pro close to evrything and good walking, jogging & bike trails. Con to many people.
  • Pros: 1). I'm right across the highway from the new Dallas Cowboy stadium 2). I'm right across the highway from the Texas Ranger baseball stadium 3). I'm right across the highway from Six Flags over Texas Cons: 1). Extra high tax rate 2). Higher cost of living (in general) 3). Traffic
  • Pro - Shops just round the corner Con - not near country has a few annoying teens
  • It is an Ancient University City , loads of tourism, close to London. The house prices and cost of living are atronomical, The streets are very narrow and the traffic problem is grid lock. They are introducing a charge to enter the City in a car because the Park and Ride schemes have not worked.
  • Boulder, Colorado PRO's: Looming above me are beautiful mountains, overflowing with activities like skiing, hiking, kayaking, and whatnot. City streets are lined with cafes, small bookstores, and ethnic restaurants. There is no crime. CON's: Apartments are expensive, frat kids misbehaving make it so there are too man rules all over town, and the nights are cold most of the year.
  • Kansas City area Pro's: Very affordable housing by most standards, pretty area w/ lots of trees and rolling hills, winter's not too bad, no rush hour to speak of, big enough to have pro sports and a variety of activities but not so big that it's not livable. Con's: urban sprawl, not a whole lot of character in large areas of the metropolitcan area, not as wide a variety of nightlife as a lot of other areas if you're into that.
  • Pros- Great Place to live,nice neighborhood Cons-Paparrazi, need I say more?
  • Pros: Nice area, several malls, close to everything. Cons:Traffic, not enough hookers
  • Pro's - There are 3 beaches within 5-15 minutes, there's always something to do that's close by whether it be movie theatres, shopping centers, bowling alley's, arcades, restaurants, bars and clubs. Con's - In southern california it is kind of a materialistic society, keepin up with the joneses, having the best of everything...
  • Pro's it is Wales: Cons it is Wales!
  • Pros - beautiful, great year-round weather (no snow! no extreme heat), within short distance of ocean, and only a few hours from mountains (with snow in winter), has lakes and rivers, not too far to forests, great camping areas, etc, short drive to San Francisco, decent shopping, decent restaurant selection, plenty of jobs, and if you like wine - we're in the middle of wine country Cons - traffic is increasingly bad, very expensive real estate
  • Pros: Beatutiful fall and winter Cons: Rednecks, dumb farmboys, and all people want to talk about is factory work and corn.
  • Pro: Busch Gardens, Disney, Universal, Sea World, etc. all within an hour or so drive. Con: Busch Gardens, Disney, Universal, Sea World, etc. all within an hour or so drive.
  • Pro: Beautiful scenery. FOUR seasons. Family close by. Quiet with little crime or crowds. Rural and lots of wildlife. Simple lifestyle easy to maintain. Good neighbors. Rents and properties rather low. NO urban sprawl and pretty clean air. Cons: TAXES!!!! Harsh weather at times (ice snow, flooding down below) Employment opportunities are hard to come by.
  • Montreal, Canada. Pros: Free Medicare, Child Allowance, Clean City, Great Community. Cons: High Taxes, Cold Winter's, People speaking French.
  • Nova Scotia, Canada Pros: Clean air, ocean, beeches, wildlife, affordable, Low crime rate (no one locks their doors) Cons: Cold temperatures at times
  • Indiana, USA Pros: Colts football team, Holiday World, Nothing of any major importance that the terrorists would want to blow up, the southern part is hilly, wooded, and scenic with lots of great caves to explore. Cons: Very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, property taxes went up, you have to pay for text book rental at all public schools, the nothern half if flat with nothing but soybeans and corn.
  • I'm close to the water, but too far away from you.
  • I live in Florida. The pros of living here is that I never have to shovel snow or dig myself out of the driveway because the car is all covered with snow. One of the drawbacks is the sometimes the temperature gets very hot. But stay inside in A/C and drink lot's of ice tea.
  • Oklahoma: Pros: People are friendly and helpful, it's not too crowded, 4 definite seasons, relatively low cost of living, low crime rate, good rodeos, lots of horses around and some cool wildlife. Cons: Landscape not really pretty, VERY hard to find a high-paying job, teachers and public servants don't get paid much (but do they anywhere? I don't know that)

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