• no but mew is catchable go to it has good step by step instrutions and you wlll not beleave how easy it is to get mew!
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  • No. To catch Mew, you had to not have battled certain people. Here's how in this video Instructions first: 1. If you have defeated the two trainers that appear in this video, you cannot catch Mew. You must start a new game. 2. Go to Lavender Town and just before battling with the gambler in the video, press start and fly to Cerulean city. The gambler would have seen you, but you flew away before the battle. 3. You will now notice that your start button has been disabled. This is because the game is expecting a trainer battle to start. Go and fight with the next trainer, but make him walk to you. Do not encounter him at just one step of distance! 3. Defeat the trainer, and now your start button should be enabled again. 4. Fly to Lavender town, and walk towards the route to the gambler. Your game should pause for absolutely no reason. Press the B button and prepare to face Mew! Here is the video on how to use these instuctions.

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