• I know just such a case at my last job. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my two eyes, but they're married now. She was the only 24 year-old virgin I had ever met.
  • Yes I would say it is possible.
  • It's funny you should ask sweetie. I am not now never have been in the past and never will be in the future a player. I have always been extremely shy and self concious around women. I was in two previous relationships before my last one. Both with older women. My ex wife was 3 years older and an ex g/f was 10 years older. Both obviously were relationaships that involved physical intimacy. When I met my last g/f almost 6 years ago I never intended on falling inlove with her. First of all I was just about 40 and she was 25 so the age gap alone was a problem for me. Then I had found out though she was not a virgin she was a very devout christian girl who made one stupid mistake when she was a teenager and regretted it so much that she vowed not to do that again til she was married. Long story short about a year after meeting her I was head over heels inlove with her and was more than willing to be in a no sexual comitted relation ship with her. 2 years after that we were engaged. Unfortunately she died a little over a month after our engagement so I never got to marry her. Now this guy having a rep as a player maybe it might be hard for him but if he really and truly loves the girl anything is possible.
  • It is possible, but I would wonder why anyone with "really high morals" would be playing that game.

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