• I get upset and shake my head at kids that have lost their manners and respect for elders. It's very sad.
  • My kids have fine manners so it did not totally go away. I do understand why you ask as I see that a great many children these days have none.
  • yes it does but its always great when it happens now days , most are very self centred and selfish who want and demand respect before they have earned it and would never think of giving it and they believe that the whole world owe's them a living and they demand things with out working for it... but the worst is the rudeness makes me want to 'bitch slap' them
  • Yes , and the media,and some celebrities don't help at all -- Or some of the shows and movies that are out , lack of respect is everywhere now + 5
  • Kids that I meet at church are seldom without manners and respect towards, not just grown-ups, but their peers, as well. Kids that I meet in the neighborhood are some do/some don't. Usually, they just want money and aren't sufficiently polished to ask for it in polite terms. Thank-yous are rare, and the occasional "yes/no, sir/ma'am" is too rare to even mention. It seems the overwhelming direction in the "educational" system to teach undeserved pride and unwillingness to subordinate to adults is having a far-reaching deleterious effect. The kids are growing up not just stupid but arrogant and selfish beyond any level that was tolerated when I was of those ages. I think we are producing a nation of future bag ladies who are incapable of producing anything useful and expect to be supplied with everything from basic needs to parking money for their BMWs. We're in trouble, still.
  • No, I'm not surprised as I live in the South and it seems it's still expected, but I appreciate it more because overall the number of kids with manners have gone down. I do have to add, when we were in NYC every time we took the subway someone (young and older) offered their seats up to my pregnant sister. Chivalry is not dead. :)
  • Sadly, it is almost a surprise when you see a kid with manners! I blame this one on the parents for letting the kids run the house. Parents need to be in charge of the household but they also need to be an EXAMPLE of good manners.
  • Kids have kids. Parents don't always provide structure and boundaries for their offspring. Some parents expect their kids to raise themselves, don't spend time with them, don't teach them stuff, don't make sure they are getting the support they need. Not to put down all parents. Many kids are respectful, polite, have table manners and are joys to have around. If you can't be a good a horrible reminder.
  • I am utterly overwhelmed with joy when I see a kid that is well behaved and well mannered.

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