• Cancer cells in the dermis/epidermis continue to multiply the same as internal cancers, as they multiply again they spread outwards and down in depth, killing all other skin cells it comes in to contact with, then it only takes one cancer cell to break away and spread through out the body systems, resulting in starting somewhere else which is called 'secondaries' usually in other vital organs or bone or lymph, so if caught early there are good chances of remission with treatment but left undiagnosed this is how one would end up losing their battle. I looked after a very brave lady who had started out with skin cancer but refused treatment, by the time she realised she wanted treatment, a tumour the size of her head had taken over her face, to the point she had to support it with her hand the whole time, i've seen some things in my time but that was very hard and alot of nurses were scared to go near her, i felt so sorry for her, i'll never forget her :(
  • if u want a small simple answer i'd just have to say that the abnormal cells just make your body function improperly.

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