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  • If you mean the difference between Home Basic and Home Premium - a lot. The consensus is that Home Basic is a waste of most peoples' time because it doesn't really come with anything that defines Vista as a new, feature-rich OS. In fact Home Basic has less as an operating system than XP. I would never recommend Home Basic to anyone. My opinion.
  • Vista Editions: "Home Basic Home Basic N Home Premium Business Business N Ultimate" Key features: 1. Most secure Windows ever with Windows Defender and Windows Firewall 2. Quickly find what you need with Instant Search and Windows Internet Explorer 7 3. Elegant Windows Aero desktop experience with glass-like menu bars, Flip 3D, and Live Thumbnails 4. Best choice for laptops with Windows Mobility Center and Tablet PC support 5. Collaborate and share documents with Windows Meeting Space 6. Experience photos and entertainment in your living room with Windows Media Center 7. Enjoy Windows Media Center throughout your home with Media Center Extenders 8. Protect against hardware failure with Windows Complete PC Backup and Restore 9. Use Scheduled Backup to automatically backup your files 10. Easier business networking connectivity with Networking Center and Remote Desktop 11. Better protect your data against loss with Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption 12. Easily make DVDs with Windows DVD Maker 13. Have more fun on your PC with three new premium games: Chess Titans, Mahjong Titans, and Inkball 14. Create high definition movies with Windows Movie Maker in High Definition" Home Basic has just features 1 and 2 Home Premium has all features except 8, 10 and 11. Source: If you want to have some fun and a good working OS, take Premium. For very easy applications and very reduced needs, take Basic (but I wouldn't for a real home PC).
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