• If it is safe yes I would, if I have doubts that it won’t be safe I would rather make alternative arrangements for her to be transported.
  • Probably not. She could probably catch a ride with a friend after school some time (if the friend's parent were driving). It just seems like a bad idea... If she takes the bus and then buys something, she has to ride back with the item(s), which draws attention. I took the city bus in Durham, NC when I was 15 and my friend pointed out that I was "the only white girl on the bus!" After that, a guy thought I was a prostitute and offered $20. I'd imagine that the bus system where you are is safer (we've had shootings on ours as well as rapes), but it still isn't a place I'd want my daughter (if I had one).
  • Which bus, in which neighborhood, to which mall, at what time...I guess it depends. Safety is the most important factor.
  • Depends on how responsible she is.
  • No, I don't feel like having her abducted. I would drive her there, follow her around to where she wants to go and then drive her home. You don't raise a child for 13 years to have some maniac kill them. All this coming from someone who has no children.
  • No. 15 to 16 years old, yes, but 13 is to young. It's to dangerous out there. Have we all forgotten about the man who was caught on tape abductinng that young pretty blond teenager. They're defenseless. I would Think of it this way, would you let your 12 year old catch a 20 min. bus ride alone? No, well 13 is only one year away from 12. They are just not old enough, it does't matter what kind of neighborhood you live in, it's dangerous in every part of the world.
  • It would all depend on the maturity of the child and on the safety of your community. Public transportation is public, in the open. The Mall might be more dangerous once she gets there.
  • No. I'd drive her, shop with her, and take her home, or she wouldn't go.
  • No, my daugher really wasn't mature enough to go to the mall alone when she was that age. Never mind taking a bus, she would most likely not get off at the correct stop.
  • I have no kids, but here is my take on this.... alone no way if she is 13 she does not need to go to the mall alone so with friends is always good particularity if there is an older sibling (of one of the bunch) trailing along. If her friends all live 'in the other direction' then she should not be on the bus alone, she will wait at home until there is an available driver to drive her to the mall where she will be meeting fiends or get driven to the mall and followed around by the person who drove her there. This actually looks like what my parents had in place. I allowed to go to the mall with friend at the age of 12, after that my siblings were not so lucky, I was the oldest and had the responsibility to trail behind my siblings and drive people to and from the mall.
  • I would NOT allow a 13 year old girl travel alone on a bus to the mall or anywhere else. I would personally escort her to the mall and back home.
  • No...I would only let her go with an adult with her. This world is far too dangerous.
  • It depends on her maturity level. When i was 11 years old i traveld all the way to NIgeria on a plane by myself to visit my dad
  • as long as shes with a group of ppl
  • it all depends where and when.But all that really matters is trust.
  • at 13?!?!?! NO WAY
  • Sure of course, I did when I was younger, my son did and never had a problem. I was confident in the things I had taught him about safety.
  • I took the bus at 13 to go to the mall. I would let my daughter when she turns 13 also.
  • Sure as long as she is trustworthy, with friends and comes home at a specific time. I used to take the bus to the mall when I was eleven.
  • If I had a better safe way to get her there I would take her , otherwise I'm gonna say no I would not allow that , to scary in world now , no
  • Why not, it depends on how quick the child is in learning.

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