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  • Start taking Golden Seal. It will clean out your system and you could do very well on a urine test. If you have to give a hair sample, you'll need something else.
  • I think Mary Jane washes out after three days.
  • Go to a drug store and buy a home drug test for marijuana. This will help you develop a plan and go from there.
  • Do not take golden seal that is commonly tested for. You have nothing to worry about it is probably already gone. for peice of mind go to walgreens and buy one.
  • Dude, go get a jello tin pack and take it then just drink a glasses of water or a close amount.
  • for a casual smoker, marijuana stays in your system for 3-7(or 3-10, depending on who you ask) days. If you smoke constantly, it stays for 30-90 days. If you've only smoked one in two years, it should be out of your system within 10 days.

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