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  • Where do you live. haha :)
  • Never had one online. Kinda dont trust them.
  • depends on what you mean. If you are talking romantic then never. If you are talking friendship then 9 years now. I am not quite sure of the distance but I believe it is about 1000 miles. I live in PA and she lives in MO.
  • 4 years, 1000 miles. im pretty sure it just ended though :( hes being an ass and im getting sick of it
  • 4 months before meeting someone 4000 miles away in Chenoa, Illinois (me in UK)
  • I have friends on line that I have spoken to for 10 years, A few we had met others are just online friends. I have gone through their children growing up divorces and marriages. It is the same as any other friendship (almost)
  • I have a good friend that I've never met or spoke to in person. We met 3 years ago at a forum and live around 1500 miles apart.
  • The longest online romantic relationship lasted... about nine months, maybe a year... she lived in Chichago, I live in Souther Florida. You do the math. For friends? I've known a few for a few years, and they're all pretty good... but the one that's furthest away from me lives in Canada, two hours behind me. xD
  • We started online about six months ago. We live about 190 miles apart. Until Monday. Then he's living with me!!!
  • I met my husband online...I lived in san francisco and he lived in salt lake city...we spent about 4 or 5 months doing the long distance thing and then i moved to salt lake!
  • 1 year. I lived in New York she lives in Boston.
  • I only ever had one that I think rose to the level of even a real friendship. He lived in Texas, I was in Pennsylvania. But I met him through my husband, since they'd gone to high school together, and I knew he was really who he said he was. And when we eventually met, it was a little awkward and hard to click, even though we were already good friends.
  • OMG this reminds me of something.. about 2 years ago, I was visiting with a friend.. and she was telling me about this cute guy who lived in the flat cross the street from her.. so we found his myspace.. and it had his screen name on it. We made up a fake screen name, and used it to talk to him.. We never told him who we were, we just made up a fake name.. and we chatted with him allll night.. oh that was bloody hilarious, I forgot about how mad we were.
  • My longest online relationship was 3 years. I lived in Wisconsin he lived in England. Current online relationship is 1 year so far and I still live in Wisconsin but he lives in California.
  • I've never really had an online relationship. I dated someone who worked in NYC for 10 months and we did a lot of keeping in touch via email, though.
  • 4 and a half years and almost exactly 1000 miles
  • I've never had an online relationship.
  • Nothing romantic but I've been friends with a bunch of ladies since 1996 and it's been fun to see us grow and change and go through all sorts of things together virtually. I've met 3 of them face to face and it's great:-)
  • 8months, 5 hours. I know its not that bad.
  • Well the longest relationship online that I've been in is over a year, but we're still going! ^.^ The distance is 3366.1 miles. I live in Connecticut, he lives in England. *sigh* But still we're too young to be tied down by relationships, but we really think it's worth it unlike the person who had the three years as seen above. No offense.

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