• What kind of plug ? ;)
  • What kind of fuse, and what kind of plug? If you are not sure of what you are doing, be careful. Are you talking about car, house, etc?
  • english or american plug.
  • Open plug ( big screw on front ), take out fuse, put in new fuse, close plug :-) Easy, just make sure you use a fuse with the same rating as the one you take out.
  • Its just a case of unscrewing the plug at the bottom. Its wise to observe the same fuse type as the one your removing. Typically they are 5amp 10amp etc. always exchange like for like.
  • fuse in plug???
  • Assuming it is a UK 13 amp plug with the three square pins, the mechanism for opening it is always on the pin side - the face which is against the wall when plugged in. This is so that you cannot open it while in operation. The commonest type will have a single centrally placed screw between the pins. Simply unscrew this and remove the cover. You will then sew the fuse held in place by two brass clips. One of the brass clips may come free when you pull the fuse out; that doesn't matter. Unclip the fuse from these clips and replace by one *of the same rating". Replace the cover and refasten the screw. *Do not skip this stage*. You should now have a working appliance. There is another kind which is usually moulded on without a screw. In this case there is a coloured insert visible underneath the plug. You simply lever this out with a screwdriver; as it comes out, it brings the fuse with it. Simply replace the fuse and push back in.
  • This is how I do it. First I buy some new fuses, making sure they are the correct type, then I open the plug by unscrewing the screws, take the old fuse out and replace it with one of the new ones, then fix the plug back together again. That way works every time for me.

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