• I've only been stood up once. I had recently gotten out of a long-term relationship, and this guy had been bugging me for a few weeks to go out with him. When I finally gave in, he didn't show up to pick me up. He DID call to apologize and to give me his lame excuse. He also tried to reschedule our date. So I accepted the apology, rescheduled the date, and stood him up.
  • I was stood up once and the next day he called....I hung up on him. I knew where he was someone saw him and told me.
  • a bar!! screw that. i'd be pissed. yeah. your hangup was justified
  • Blank, did this happen to you or someone you know? If this happened to you, the woman needs her head examined. If she just forgot about the date that is one thing but to cancel it on her end and not inform you is inconceivable to say the least. What kind of apology could they offer. Hello Blank, this is thoughtless who has her head up her ass. We did have arrangements to see each other the other night but in my mind I didn't feel right about it and that is why I left you "hanging out to dry" like a fool and didn't even have the common courtesy to call you can tell you I would not be making it. Can you ever forgive me for being such a totally rude and self-centered bitch? Blank: I think not. (CLICK)
  • No, I haven't been stood up. And no, I would not accept their apology. "I'm sorry," is easy to say but usually means you didn't have the foresight to avoid hurting someone to begin with.
  • NO, I haven't. I would not be in the least bit pleased, though. If they apologized, I'd likely say that I accepted it but never speak to them again.
  • Yes and no.
  • No, it means they think you're not important, nor will they ever. It's really that simple.
  • Yes and no way. Uh uh, if you can't be bothered to call, I can't be bothered to accept your apology.
  • No but Id be mad. If they wanted to go on a date with me but re thought it they should tell me.
  • No! How inconsiderate!
  • I have never been stood up, but if I was, I would not accept their apology.
  • I have never been stood up, but if I were and their excuse for not showing up was because they changed their mind, however didn't feel the need to call to tell me, I wouldn't take their apology. However, in retrospect I would be thankful they did stand me up, because anyone who would use that as an excuse has to be really stupid and selfish.

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