• I've learned the hard way never loan nothing(not just money) you can't afford to lose. I loan my mom & other close family members money I know I'll get it back from but I learned the very hard way not to trust that anyone else will pay you back. You may get 1% of what you loan if your lucky. The rest you see on Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown trying to get their money back.
  • yes i lend money to family and trustworthy friends. do not give a deadline or interest. i get it back when i get it back
  • I've lent money to friends and family. I do expect it back if it's a loan and not a gift, but I don't bank on it. I try to keep deadlines open, but have recently asked to be repaid by the end of the year by a friend who's owed me for well over a year so far. I'm charging him $5/month in interest when he's borrowed about $1,000. He wouldn't be able to get anything under 30% interest if he was approved anyway.
  • Yes. With friends, I expect it back but it's usually not a lot (20.00 or 30.00) so if they don't repay me I don't worry about it. I "loan" money to my kids all the time, I don't really expect it back and so far I haven't been disappointed. They sometimes go through rough patches and need a helping hand, I see no reason not to extend that helping hand as long as they are trying to help themselves as well.
  • Yes I have. I don't expect it back, especially from family. When they are in a better place they will remember who helped them along the way. Family and friends mean the world to me and I would do anything within my means to help them if they were in need. I don't expect anything in return and I would hope they feel the same.
  • i lent $30 to my friend, who said she needed the money at the time, but i dont think she did at all. she ate it up after, and never returned the change to me. i think she did it to spite me and it wasnt very nice. LESSON LEARNED: NEVER EVER, EVER LEND MONEY TO ANYONE, UNLESS THEY ARE UPFRONT ABOUT PAYING IT BACK. chances are people will not pay it back. so do not trust anyone. but if you do, putting interest seems like a good idea.
  • I use to lend $ to my brother and I did expect iy back and was told I would get paid back and never have seen a dime. I gave no deadline and asked n o interest, but as I said I will never see it again.
  • Only give what you do need, because a good friend is priceless
  • Neither a lender nor a borrower be - it's a good way of ending a friendship
  • two words DO NOT or one word DON'T It's the quickest way to loose them.
  • never borrow, never loan, EVER!!! this kinda stuff causes to much agro
  • bad idea.....never loan money to your firends. The majority of the time they wind up burning you.
  • I will lend any of my friends money at least once. If they prove themselves worthy of my trust by paying me back, then I will lend to them more if they need it. If they do not pay me back, then I believe whatever I lent them is a good price to figure out they aren't trustworthy.
  • Don't do it. If you want to help a friend you can GIVE them money with no strings attached.
  • I know what is said about not lending money to a friend, but I can't say no. If someone needs money and they are a trusted friend, and I have the money, then I lend it. A friend offered me a LARGE sum of money once, and really eased my mind, I will never forget that, even though my check arrived on time and I didn't need to borrow it. I want to do the same for others.
  • I do not lend money to friends. I give money to friends. If a friend is short on cash I give them what they need, because I know that a good friend would do the same for me if the situation arose.
  • I never lend money I can't afford to just give. If I lend money and I get some or all of it back, that's fine. If I lend money and I get none of it back, that's fine too because I lent it with no real expectation I would get any of it back.
  • They're your friends. If you can't help them,, who will? Then think of the loan as a gift. If you get it back, that's a bonus, and if you don't, it will avoid ruining a perfectly good friendship. "If you lend someone $20 and never see them again, it was probably worth it."
  • Don't offer unless they are in some deep shit and you know they will pay you back. If they ask, I usually will loan them the money if I can afford to.
  • Make sure you get it back if not don't lend them anymore
  • The best solution is to provide him with the money as gift. May it be some smaller amount than he asked for. But to lend money may cost your friendship.
  • I find most of my friends trustworthy so if I have it to lend I don't mind, however you really should not lend more then you are willing to loose.
  • It depends on how much money and who they are. I have this kind of ranking in my head from best friends, friends, acquaintances, random people I happen to know. My friends and I are more or less 18 so there isn't a lot of money one could ask for that we couldn't ask our parents for lol but if one of my friends are in need of some cash, if it's more than 5 or 10 dollars I expect them to pay me back. But I wouldn't lend that much to the people who fall under acquaintances or randoms because I know I most likely won't see them as often and they might not pay me back. Anything less than $5 I don't mind just giving it to my friends. But maybe not the acquaintances or randoms so as not to make them think they can take advantage of me again and again.
  • I often lend money if I have it, with the understanding that they will pay it back as soon as possible or when we arrange it, depending on the amount. But I always lend money with the thought that if they don't pay it back, oh well, it's gone. So I am never ready to loan what I am not willing to lose. But I don't lend money for just no reason or for things I feel are wrong.
  • No. I get tired of them never paying me back.
  • I've lent money to one of my friends that I remember. He's never paid it back. I don't think much of it most of the time. However, I doubt I'm going to lend him money ever again.

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