• I would have to say escargot. It was really nasty!
  • Fish China. Took days to prepare, involves many steps. Still tasted god-awful. And I LIKE escargot.
  • Baked beans. I don't really do ''exotic''. I'm English ;-)
  • I had raw lambs' brains in a Lebanese restaurant. I quite liked it. It was like overcooked fish.
  • I've eaten turtle soup and chocolate covered honeybees.
  • Authentic Ethiopian is pretty high up there. They give you one big wicker bowl with flatbread bread lining it. Various foods are placed on the flatbread, creating kind of a satellite dish shaped bowl of food. There are no utensils -- to eat, you break off a fresh piece of flatbread and scoop up food in it. Quality and novelty varies. Some places use genuine Ethiopian vegetables and sauces, especially kinds of mashed squashes mixed with complex-tasting sauces. Wash it down with some red wine.
  • It isn't really exotic, but the thing I eat and enjoy that most people seem to avoid is octopus.
  • ewww don't know if i want to answer this - but I am going to! lol I am pretty sure I ate cat once lol We walked into this restaurant in a dingy little city in china and when we left we saw cats tied up to the side of the building ... it was awful! Other than that - I've had cows tongue, alligator, i think emu ... lol (i travelled a LOT) oh! a terriyaki cricket!
  • I once bought a can of snails at a discount outlet a long time ago. The snail meat had a strong grassy flavor. I managed to eat half the can before I discarded the rest.
  • Turtle Soup was delicious. To you guys , Century egg could be exotic, but i love it ! Hmm , almost ate wild boar and dog in vietnam , but i passed. I think i've drunk frog's leg soup beofore when i was young.
  • I would guess either the "alligator" I had at a 5-star restaurant, (which sorta tasted like scallops), or the escargot at several other fancy dining establishments (I like my snails in a buttery sauce with bread topping, just a little more than in red wine sauce).
  • Smoked Frog legs, in France. It was actually good! But there is not much to eat!
  • Emu, ostrich, snails, rattlesnake, chocolate covered grasshoppers and ants. I guess those are exotic, but to me most of those were just yummy:-)

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